This series addresses the subconscious traits we develop through being in society. We become what we are around. Since birth, people have mimicked others to learn/develop/grow, and we subconsciously do this in our adult life. This is visually depicted in the first piece of the Subconscious series through utilization of circles and figurative representations. The first circle is representative of the self, which then moves to depictions of the conscious and the subconscious which are united by the figure in the middle who represents our being both. In the last piece of the series, we move to a workplace environment. If a person is placed in a workplace environment where others are being negative, that negativity is subconsciously picked up on and becomes a part of what that person accepts, which is then reflected in how they see or treat others. Without consciously taking efforts to remove the negativities of work or society, we are subconsciously and slowly starting to become those negative things. This is often why we accept society for how it is—because individuals are all too often indoctrinated in this cycle and thus, we subconsciously accept that ‘it is how it is’ without looking for better possibilities. The middle works in the Subconscious series contemplates the realm of social media, online and at home. These same principles of taught negativity are occurring here, feeding our subconscious, and shaping how we act towards others. Through this series, I am asking the viewer to recognize that although our subconscious has the possibility to negatively contribute to our lives, it also has the potential to do the opposite. We can train ourselves to subconsciously change patterns or habits in our lives for the better. While the root of problems and social negativity is vast and ever-present. (we are divided by politics, we do not have great health care as a nation, or that racism and classism fuel more separation.) We have to work for change. Our subconscious is a big part of either our lack of empathy for others and the separations we deal with in society today, or it can function as a powerful tool for collective good.

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