Aubrey Davitz engages as a multimedia designer across diverse artistic realms. Following the attainment of her BFA in Graphic Design from SIUE in 2023, her objective is to engage in synergistic endeavors with artists, crafting visual narratives while pursuing her individual artistic inquisitiveness. Aubrey's central passion lies in crafting compositions that seamlessly meld the realms of digital and tangible, a confluence of her interests spanning painting, printmaking, and other mediums alongside digital art and graphic design. The pursuit of play and discovery remains a steadfast element of Aubrey's personal artistic odyssey. Yet, she also envisions her upcoming path within a collaborative milieu, partnering with other creaters to propagate and materialize our shared vision in both the digital realm and the tangible world.

“These realms are explored through assessment of myself, my relationship with the world, and though deepening my understanding of the world by study, evaluation, and instruction from mentors. This, coupled with an internal inquisition to deepen the interpersonal relationship within myself develops an artist eager to learn, grow, and wholly invest in creative pursuits. My work has explored ideas regarding empathy, human nature, as well as human’s ego, self-fulfillment, and human’s role in functioning as either a part of the separations in society or a tool for the collective.”

All art encountered on this site is discovered and produced through Aubrey’s practice.
The rights to distrubtion/production of these images are hers. 

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